Our Calls to your loved one

We Care

Everyone is so busy today! Son’s, Daughters, Grandchildren and friends of their loved ones just don’t have any spare time. And they may not have time to talk to their loved ones on a regular basis. That’s where ScatCat comes into the picture. We will call your loved one for the days and times you have chosen. During our call to the loved one, we will discuss “Talking Points”. These Talking Points you will select by checking the boxes for your loved one when you select your subscription package. To check off all of the talking points for your loved one will take about 5 minutes. The Talking Points will be conversation starters which allow us to track our Agent’s quality of service and enable us to better serve you.

Plans & Pricing

We offer a variety of plans to suit just about any need and budget. Our starter plan includes one call per week and costs only $9.95 per month. Our most popular plan includes one call per day – 3 days per week and costs only $29.95 per month! For a limited time, try out our service for a month. Your choice of a 1 fifteen minute call per week package or a 2 fifteen minute call per week package. And it's FREE! Your subscription will be renewed one month from your start date. You will input your credit card info to begin your trial period, but your credit card will not be billed until your trial period is complete. Of course you can cancel your subscription at any time before your trial period ends.

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Our Promise

I loved my grandmother and called her for about two days per week for an hour every week during which time we reminisced mostly about my childhood… almost for every call. She suffered with dementia and wouldn’t remember the last call, even if it had been only one day since the last call. So I just reminisced with her, which I enjoyed anyway. I could always feel the smile coming from her voice over the phone. Not only was I brightening her day, but she brightened my day as well. And that’s what we will provide to your loved ones.. compassion, understanding, and love. We promise!

Employment & Affiliates

Want to brighten up someone's day and earn some extra money? We are hiring people that love to talk, especially to the elderly. If you have the “gift of gab”, can think on your feet, are dependable, can work the same time slot for 6 days per week, and can type at least 20 words per minute you may be a great candidate for employment at ScatCat! Email us at hiring@scatcat.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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