Why was this service created?

Hi! I’m Michael, the creator of ScatCat. My favorite grandmother was dubbed “Ma Shorty” by all the grandchildren. She was barely 5 feet tall! I called Ma Shorty every week at least once, sometimes more. I would be so saddened by Ma Shorty’s health issue. She had dementia. She couldn’t even remember the last time I had called her. She would answer the phone when I called, and invariably say, “Well Michael, it’s been such a long since you called me!”. I would have to explain to her that I had just spoken to her yesterday, to which she would reply, “Oh yes. I remember, now”. I had wonderful conversations with Ma Shorty. She would start most every sentence with, “Michael, remember when…”. I had heard almost all the stories at least a hundred times, but I think I enjoyed them almost as much as she did. I’m disabled, so I was able to talk to Ma Shorty for as long as she wanted to talk. I had no time constraints limiting me to how long I could spend with her. In today’s busy world, most people don’t have the luxury of such an open schedule. They want to give their loved one’s love and companionship, but with life always rushing us ever forward, there is just not enough time. So that’s where ScatCat came from. We’re here for them when you can’t be.

What in THE WORLD does the name ScatCat have to do with talking to the elderly?

Well, when I was 4 years old, my grandmother, Ma Shorty, had a little black chihuahua named Dolly. That dog was mean as a snake. Ma Shorty had a pack of feral cats that hung around behind her house. Well, those cats were even MEANER than Dolly. Dolly would go around to the back of the house and bark at the cats. They weren't scared of that tiny pup. The whole pack would chase Dolly around the yard. Oh, it was such a race. Ma Shorty would go the screen door, out on the porch, and yell, "Scat Cat!!! Scat!". I always thought that was so funny. I would just laugh and laugh. And that's where ScatCat d. I called my site ScatCat.com as an homage to my Ma Shorty. I loved her so much. At her funeral, the preacher said, "Miss Shorty was the salt of the earth. There will never be another person like her. She was such a good woman." That's so true. I love you Ma Shorty.

Who can benefit from ScatCat services?

ScatCat was originally conceived as a service that would benefit mainly seniors. But we have found that other groups of people are enjoying our service. Included in these groups are seniors, of course, the disabled, people grieving loss of a loved one, or even someone who is just lonely in general.

How is our service superior to other similar services?

There are no similar services! ScatCat is the ONLY service available that is a relationship based business, custom tailored to pique the interest of your loved one. Our business model is tailored to an individual’s interests and personality. Other sites may offer a check in service where they inquire about the compliance to medicine schedules. In most cases they are simply automated calls. And even if the calls are live, they try to limit the talk time to a maximum of 5 minutes.

Does the same person call every day?

We put every effort possible to ensure that your loved one is contacted by the same agent for every call. Of course, there are instances, such as illness, where a different agent makes the call. But in such a case, the alternate agent has the talking points and the primary agent’s prior notes about past conversations with your loved one.

How long does a typical call last?

It's your choice! In our pricing matrix you will find our call duration choices to be very flexible. We offer 15 minute and 30 minute call duration slots.

What do we talk about?

These talking points give us great conversation starters.

What happens if a client doesn’t answer the phone?

If a client doesn’t answer the phone, we will attempt to call them up to two more times later in the day.

Where are you located and what area do you service?

ScatCat is located in Atlanta, Ga. All of our representatives are located in the U.S. Our service is available nationwide.

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

How does billing work?

You credit card (provided during signup) will be automatically billed each month, in the amount of your plan's price, on the anniversary of the date you signed up.

Can I cancel at any time?

Sure. There are no contracts or commitments. You may cancel at any time. Please note, however, that we do not offer partial refunds for days of unused service.

How long does it take for my service to begin?

Please allow 3 business days for just the right agent to be assigned to your loved one. We want to provide the best match. We may need to actually hire an agent to serve you.

What if my preferred day/time slot is not available?

Time slots for a particular day may not be available immediately. Please choose an available slot, and then check back for availability of your preferred time slot. We are hiring new agents almost every day to better serve you.

When can I expect a call return from Customer Service?

Please allow up to 24 hours for a call return from Customer Service. This is a work in progress so I, Michael, the owner, am doubling as an agent and Customer Service Representative. When another agent is hired I will be taking the calls much more quickly, live if at all possible. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

How does billing work?

You credit card (provided during signup) will be automatically billed each month, in the amount of your plan's price, on the anniversary of the date you signed up.

What do we talk about?

What do we NOT talk about! When you subscribe here you’ll definitely find several subjects that our agents can talk to your loved one about. These talking points give us subjects to begin conversatiot and intera. We of course talk to your loved one with whatever they want to talk about.

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